Apr 9th, 2011 COMMENTARY, Uncategorized Edward

A “jury,” was made up of a few of Moore’s remaining parishioners supplemented by a few local Muslim haters. Judgement was swift. The “defense attorney,” an Imam from Texas, called no witnesses. The convicted Quran was deemed clearly guilty of spreading violence, death and terrorism. Shades of medieval “justice,” the condemned was publicly burned.

Let My Sheep Go!

Mar 17th, 2011 IN THE NATURE OF MEMOIR Edward

Friends sent me a St. Pat’s Day animated eCard: a dog chasing a leprechaun and letting out a flock of sheep in the process. It reminded me of this experience: We were spending my first sabbatical in England (going home again, for me). We lived for six months in a typical West country village, with 13th century church, garden cottages, a manor house– the works….


Dec 14th, 2010 MUSINGS Edward

I have heard it said that the events which change us most significantly do not come roaring at us like lions, but come to us softly, like doves. What was it Walter Cronkite used to say as he ended his newscasts? “What kind of day was it?” He would ask, and answer, “It was day like all days.” I would add, it was a year…


Dec 14th, 2010 SERMONS Edward

AMAZING GRACE Watching the dancer leaping and turning, seemingly weightless, his movements apparently effortless. He made it look so easy that anyone could do it. I could do it! The term that came to mind as I watched was, of course, “graceful,” the art of being at ease, all parts of the whole in perfect accord and balance. The apparent ease deceptive. Perhaps one has…


Jun 8th, 2010 SERMONS Edward

To those early into fathering and yet-to-become fathers, I say this:

Nothing is required of you by the past.

Never read Rudyard Kipling.

Never wonder what it means to be a man.

If you think your father was a good father, he probably was.