I preached yesterday at one of the churches I

occasionally visit.  A good day.  Everything went well.

On the way home, I stopped at the local Chinese take-out

place to get something for dinner.  While I was sitting

there waiting for my order, I heard music–choral music–

coming out of what I assumed to be the shop’s sound

system.  What dumbfounded me was that whatever

group was singing was singing the very same hymn with

which I had closed the Service I had just led.  What was

more, the voice that rose above other sounded very

much like mine.  Good grief.  What are the odds that

some local church whose Service is being broadcast

over the radio, would be singing the same hymn that I

had used that very same morning?  Well, there’s an

explanation for most unlikely coincidences, right?  As

I was walking back to my car, I heard myself speaking.

Yep.  It was I, preaching away.  And my voice was

coming out of my pocket.  So, mystery solved.  I

have a very small digital recorder which I dug out of

a drawer a few weeks ago to use to back up my

apparently more than ever unreliable memory.  Somehow,

I had managed to turn it on at the beginning of the

Service.  The little gadget recorded the whole hour’s

Service and had somehow rewound itself in the take-

out store to the point of the last hymn.  So, the

music and the lovely tenor rising above all other

voices was coming from me, which explains the

interesting stares I was getting as I sat there.

Just a little story to waste a couple of minutes of

your time.