O.K. Here’s how my day has gone so far:  Earlier today I went out to the gardens to stuff some detritus  into bags for the county to pick up tomorrow.  Slipped on something. Fell. Opened up a gash on my knee from when I fell a week ago.  Blood running down into my sock.  My live-in elder-care lady, Pamela (also elder daughter), patched me up.  Changed my blood-soaked socks.  Went off to the coffee shop.  Leaving said coffee shop my iPad slipped out of my grip while I was negotiating opening my car door (negotiating, in this sense of the term, has become more complicated as I have aged).  In spite of the iPad having the approved Apple cover and being stored in a padded case, the glass screen shattered into hundreds of spiderweb-like cracks.  Now, there’s a ray of light here.  When I bought the iPad (gift of the Franklin, NC Unitarian congregation) I had the good sense to purchase three year insurance called Apple Care, giving 100% coverage for anything, dog eating it to volcanic eruption.  The question was, is the coverage still in force?  Without it, Apple charges $300 minimum to repair a device, regardless of how minor or serious the problem (unless you’ve spilled coffee or scotch into the keyboard, then it’s just “shit happens” fella).  At home, now breathing sufficiently  but probably in shock, I called Apple and with a heart-breaking catch in my voice explained that I had once again shattered my iPad–and is it still covered (“once again?” Yes.  I fell and dropped it once before)?.  The happy conclusion of all this is that my Apple Care coverage will not expire for two more weeks.  And the coverage allows two replacements in the three year period (most people never drop their pads or computers and as far as I’m concerned have wasted $35 for the coverage).  So, Apple will send me a box to ship my iPad to them (postage paid).  They will then send me a new one.  No cost (postage paid).  That was my day.  How was yours?