I’m reminded of a tutor I was sent to when I flunked freshman year of HS (that’s High School :-). She was the widow of a former Superintendent of Schools. Lived above shops on Leominster’s main street (in retrospect, I think she may have owned the block). Stacks of books and 78 rpm albums were piled against the walls of her rooms–rooms which reeked of her Turkish cigarettes. She was an aficionado of just about everything, including music (her mission was to raise my Latin and a couple of other courses). I don’t remember doing a lot of Latin but I listened to a lot of music. One day she was fuming about the attention being paid to Mario Lanza. She said he could not carry a note above (whatever) but only shrieked. She had bought one of his albums out of spite and had me listen to Lanza singing something from La Boheme and then the same from a recording of Caruso. “There! There! she exclaimed. You hear the difference? Caruso Sings! ” And Lanza shrieked. Yes, Ma’am (and all of Gaul is divided in three parts). Then along comes the blind tenor who is no better than Lanza but is, after all, blind–as if one had anything to do with the other. To end the story, I was given enough credits at the end of the summer to be able to transfer to a Seventh Day Adventist Academy as a sophomore. Apparently it was not considered appropriate to test me on what I had learned. I did pass that sophomore year but was expelled anyway for conduct considered unbecoming for a student at a Seventh Day Adventist school. Il Ponderoso (“go figure”).