“You would have thought that I had said something completely outrageous..” What Neal Boortz said in his current opinion column (1/15/2010, appearing in the Atlanta Journal Constitution) is, if not outrageous, surely well–unexpected.  In response to a call-in’s rant that President Obama said that this is not a Christian nation Boortz said, “He’s right.”  As Boortz writes, “All hell broke loose.”

Well of course it would, wouldn’t it?  There are no doubt millions of people who cannot conceive of this nation being anything but a Christian nation. Never mind that the founders said no such thing–that they said, in fact, that the nation may not raise any faith to be superior to any other.  And what of Jewish citizens?  Muslims?  To say nothing of agnostics, atheists and, well, a lot of Unitarians who, at best, have a lot of respect for Jesus.

So, these folk–these nonChristians–are they “guests” in this “Christian nation?”  Are they to hang their heads in shame  for their unbelief as they walk past a creche on the grounds of city hall or a cross on a patch of federal land?

In his column, Boortz distinguishes between two kinds of Christians–“devout Christians” and “zealots.”  It is the zealots (of the mad Pat Robertson kind) who, unfortunately, get the most attention by being   narrow-minded, intolerant, anti-intellectual and just plain–unchristian.

Speaking of being intolerant, I never thought I’d see the day when I’d respond to a Boortz commentary with a hearty “right on!”