Received a summons today to serve on a state “petit jury.”  A small jury?  A jury of small people?  A jury of little consequence?  Anyway, I responded with Arlo Guthrie’s line to the draft board on “Alice’s Restaurant,” “I wanna Kill!  I wanna Kill!).  No harm done. I don’t imagine the little people on a little jury would have the opportunity to bring about the…


Oct 14th, 2015 MUSINGS admin

In Your Dreams, Edward I’ll turn that tired old freshman English story on it’s head—the one that ends “It was all a dream.” I’ll begin with it. It was a dream and, for some reason, it seems to want sharing. I was in an educational institution of some kind; nothing outrageous or even odd about that. My dreams frequently have to do with my being…


Jul 28th, 2014 MUSINGS Edward

O.K. Here’s how my day has gone so far:  Earlier today I went out to the gardens to stuff some detritus  into bags for the county to pick up tomorrow.  Slipped on something. Fell. Opened up a gash on my knee from when I fell a week ago.  Blood running down into my sock.  My live-in elder-care lady, Pamela (also elder daughter), patched me up….


Dec 14th, 2010 MUSINGS Edward

I have heard it said that the events which change us most significantly do not come roaring at us like lions, but come to us softly, like doves. What was it Walter Cronkite used to say as he ended his newscasts? “What kind of day was it?” He would ask, and answer, “It was day like all days.” I would add, it was a year…


Mar 27th, 2010 MUSINGS, Uncategorized Edward

My birthday. 73rd. Not a significant number. The folks at the coffee shop I frequent gave me a cupcake but they didn’t have any candles. No charge for the cupcake, though. The place has become a second home of sorts. Recently, I had a serious sugar crash while I was there. Couldn’t even get up from the table. I signaled the manager who kept the…