Call it what it is

Jun 19th, 2015 COMMENTARY admin

What it is is a tragedy. A deeply disturbed young man murdered nine people in their place of worship. Deliberate. Cool. Remorseless. But what does it serve to label him a “terrorist?” What movement, what organization, what revolutionary band of anti-social warriors does he represent? And how does it help to declare that he is yet another representation of the racism still rampant in our…


Apr 9th, 2011 COMMENTARY, Uncategorized Edward

A “jury,” was made up of a few of Moore’s remaining parishioners supplemented by a few local Muslim haters. Judgement was swift. The “defense attorney,” an Imam from Texas, called no witnesses. The convicted Quran was deemed clearly guilty of spreading violence, death and terrorism. Shades of medieval “justice,” the condemned was publicly burned.


May 3rd, 2010 COMMENTARY Edward

The following piece by Prof. Martin Marty, one of my heroes of theology and social ethics is, I think, well worth sharing (and I share it with expressed permission).  It refers to the Supreme Court decision that a huge cross in the Mohave Desert can stay as it stands because, in the view of the majority of the court, it is accepted as a “secular…


Feb 22nd, 2010 COMMENTARY Edward

GET ME TO THE CHURCH (Gilmer County Times Courier 3/4/2010 You many have noticed that getting people to Services and church activities has become more and more difficult in the past few years. In the U.S., with the exception of some African American and Evangelical congregations, most Protestant and Roman Catholic congregations are in some level of decline (In Chicago, RC attendance has dropped by…


Jan 16th, 2010 COMMENTARY Edward

“You would have thought that I had said something completely outrageous..


Jan 13th, 2010 COMMENTARY Edward

I will occasionally be writing columns for the Gilmer
County, Georgia “Times Courier.” This is the first of them,
to be published 1/14/2010.


Jan 12th, 2010 COMMENTARY Edward

In his most recent column, Thomas Sowell asserts
that “intellectuals” are harming the nation. Why?
Because they have ideas.