Jul 28th, 2014 MUSINGS Edward

O.K. Here’s how my day has gone so far:  Earlier today I went out to the gardens to stuff some detritus  into bags for the county to pick up tomorrow.  Slipped on something. Fell. Opened up a gash on my knee from when I fell a week ago.  Blood running down into my sock.  My live-in elder-care lady, Pamela (also elder daughter), patched me up….

Something. Something. Something

Jul 4th, 2014 SERMONS Edward

Something. Something. Something. No, it’s not that I can’t think of a title. But “Something” has emerged as one of the most fundamental and vital terms to have made its way into my personal spiritual journey. If you stay with this piece, the term “Something” may catch your attention often—as it has mine for in our language it stands in place when other words fail…